What is Rethinking Residency?

About Rethinking Residency

Rethinking Residency is a place for residents & fellows, current, former and prospective, and their families, to emerge from the darkness that is residency training, coming together to share their stories and insights. This is not just another medical news site. We are here to support the chronically unsupported and provide a place for residents to learn, connect and grow.

I realized with alarm that I hadn’t learned how to save anyone at all, not Dr. Sanders or Lazarus or Jimmy or Saul or Anna O., and that what I was thrilled about was learning how to save myself.
• Samuel Shem, The House of God

Residents occupy a particularly unique place in hospital hierarchy and the culture of medicine at large. You are referred to as ‘doctor’, but not always treated as one. You are given the responsibility of saving lives and administering care, but too often rewarded with abuse or general apathy. You are made to, intentionally or not, feel isolated and question your abilities, pushing yourself beyond reasonable requirements for what is otherwise, a job.

What we offer is a community. A place to find validation. For every resident that has found themselves hiding in the deepest corner of the hospital, searching for a way out from today, this month, this year, or even from medicine altogether, we aim to be a beacon of hope. And if this doesn’t describe your experience, then be a resource to your fellow residents. This site may not provide the exact answer that you are looking for, but it can hopefully provide solidarity or a nudge in the right direction. You are not alone in this cruel, remorseless journey, and sometimes just knowing that can make all the difference.